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How to Use the Price Comparison Tool

This tool is intended to help you compare price estimates among companies that sell auto and homeowners insurance to consumers in South Carolina. In the form below, you will be asked to answer several questions about yourself, where you live, your desired level of coverage, and your car or home. Answering these questions to the best of your ability should result in a better price estimate.

Please Note:

These estimates are for illustration purposes only. They are given to the South Carolina Department of Insurance by insurance companies and are based on a limited set of criteria. These are not insurance quotes and are not the exact amounts you may be quoted by an insurance company. Your premium will vary according to your individual circumstances and may be higher or lower than the estimates listed.

Rate information was provided to the South Carolina Department of Insurance by the companies listed. The top 25 insurer groups by national premium volume with more than $1 million in South Carolina premiums were required to submit sample rates. Other companies submitted data voluntarily. There may be other companies beyond those listed here that sell auto or homeowners insurance in your area.

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