Emergency Adjuster Licensing Procedures


Due to the likelihood that damages may be incurred as a result of a natural disaster occurring in this state, the Department of Insurance hereby posts its Emergency Adjuster Licensing Procedures. These procedures must be followed in the event South Carolina incurs any damages from a natural disaster, and the need for emergency adjusters arise.


If South Carolina receives damages from a natural disaster requiring the entry of unlicensed non-resident emergency adjusters, the following guidelines must be met before deploying emergency adjusters into the state:

  • Before an emergency adjuster is granted permission to enter into South Carolina, the Director of Insurance, pursuant to S.C. Code Ann., Regulation 69-1, must first determine that the potential for an emergency situation exists.

  • Once the Director of Insurance has declared an emergency, insurers may immediately appoint emergency adjusters without first having to complete the APPOINTMENT AS AN EMERGENCY ADJUSTER application.  However, before appointing emergency adjusters, insurers must first utilize licensed resident and licensed non-resident South Carolina adjusters to their fullest extent in handling catastrophe claims.

  • Insurers are allowed up to 48 hours after an emergency adjuster has been appointed to complete the Emergency Adjuster Appointment Application and file it with the Department.  An application for APPOINTMENT AS AN EMERGENCY ADJUSTER can be obtained through this Internet site or from the Department of Insurance by calling (803) 737-6095.  The thoroughly completed application can be faxed or mailed to the address below. 

  • The initial emergency adjuster appointment may not exceed one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the initial appointment.

  • After one hundred twenty (120) days has lapsed, insurers must obtain written authorization from the Department of Insurance before an appointed emergency adjuster can continue to adjust South Carolina catastrophe claims.

  • The South Carolina Department of Insurance will coordinate recovery efforts with the State's Adjutant General's Emergency Preparedness Program for early access should the need arise.

  • Emergency adjusters must keep in their possession at all times the original, thoroughly completed APPOINTMENT AS AN EMERGENCY ADJUSTER application from the appointing insurer along with the South Carolina Department of Insurance's disaster permit in order to be eligible to adjust catastrophe claims.  Emergency adjusters must be able to present a copy of their driver's license, or other valid picture identification upon the request of any state of federal emergency enforcement authority.  If an individual does not have a drivers license with a picture identification, there must be some other verifiable picture identification.  Again, state and/or federal emergency enforcement authority may ask emergency adjusters to produce this information.  Individuals not able to produce these credentials when asked will be automatically subject to disqualification from conducting emergency adjusting activities in South Carolina and their emergency licensing privileges will be immediately revoked.

  • All licensed and emergency adjusters must cooperate fully with county and municipal authorities and communicate entry or access problems through their respective insurer.

  • Information provided on the emergency adjuster application will be subject to verification with each emergency adjuster's state of domicile in order to confirm the information provided to this office. Submission of false or fraudulent information to the Department will result in administrative disciplinary action reportable to state and federal authorities, as applicable.

  • Insurers are responsible for the actions of their agents/adjusters and will be held accountable for such acts and, or omissions.


Individuals who do not possess a South Carolina resident or non-resident public insurance adjuster license are not allowed to conduct public adjuster activities in South Carolina.  Individuals seeking to perform public adjuster activities in South Carolina must first become licensed as a resident or non-resident public adjuster.  Applications are available at the following website address: www.doi.sc.gov/Eng/Public/Agents/Agents.aspx

Questions concerning emergency licensing procedures may be directed to:

Mary Ann O'Brien, Supervisor - Individual Licensing Section or

James Byrd, Director, Individual Licensing, Education and Consumer Services Division

Post Office Box 100105
Columbia, SC 29202-3105

Telephone Number  (803) 737-6095    Fax Number: (803) 737-6100


Questions concerning emergency entry permits and other emergency procedures may be directed to:

Ann Roberson, Executive Assistant to the Director and Emergency Coordinator

(803) 737-6212