Licensing Requirements for Adjusters

  1. Resident Adjusters

  1. The original Exam Report from Thomson Prometric (800-490-6548) showing applicant has passed the adjuster examination. This certificate expires 24 months after issuance.

  2. A completed Application for Adjuster's License (Reproducible), Form 3515.

  3. License fee of $80.00 (not pro-rated, non-refundable,or non-transferable).

  4. An original South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Criminal History Report. The fee is $25.00 (company check or money order). This Report must be no more than 3 months old. This Report can be obtained through SLED's website: or by written request to:

State Law Enforcement Division

Attn: Central Records Depository
Post Office Box 21398, Columbia, SC 29221

(803) 737-9000


If a written request, please submit a stamped self-addressed envelope.



  1. If previously licensed in another state, a letter of clearance (less than 6 months old) will be required.

  1.  Non-Resident Adjusters

  1. A completed original Application for Adjuster's License (Reproducible), Form 3515.

  2. License fee of $80.00 (not pro-rated, non-refundable,or non-transferable).

  1. Georgia residents $100.00 (See Note below).

  2. North Carolina residents $150.00 (See Note below).

  1. Certification from the Insurance Department of the applicant's home state (legible copy and must be less than 6 months old). This Certificate must show the applicant is licensed in his home state as an adjuster and that an adjuster examination has been passed. If the applicant's home state does not require an adjuster examination, then a Certificate can be used from another state where the applicant is licensed and has taken and passed an adjuster examination. If the above cannot be provided, then the applicant will be required to pass South Carolina's adjuster examination. Registration for South Carolina's exam is done through Experior Assessments.

NOTE: Fees are retaliatory under South Carolina Law. The adjuster's license will be renewed in August every odd numbered year.
NOTE: Corporations, partnerships, and firms cannot be licensed as adjusters.