TO: All Public Insurance Adjusters Licensed in South Carolina

DATE: September 8, 2006

SUBJECT: Instructions for Continuation of License

The enclosed Application for Continuation of the Public Insurance Adjusters License is for the period October 1, 2006, through September 30, 2008.  Resident and Non-Resident Public Adjusters must complete and return this application by October 31, 2006, or the public insurance adjuster's license will be cancelled.


Application for Continuation of Resident Public Adjuster License, Form 3518R

Application for Continuation of Non-Resident Public Adjuster License, Form 3518NR


License fees for Non-Resident Public Insurance Adjusters are retaliatory pursuant to South Carolina laws. Consequently, the fee will be the amount charged by your home state, subject to an $80.00 minimum. Examples of retaliatory fees are:

North Carolina $150.00  Georgia $100.00  Florida $80.00

South Carolina law provides for the payment of a reinstatement fee (residents $160.00 and Non-Residents double the retaliatory fee) as the penalty to relicense any public insurance adjuster following cancellation for failure to properly file the continuation form with the appropriate fee by the renewal deadline.

Public Insurance Adjuster licenses are continuous, if not cancelled or revoked. Therefore, a new license will not be issued. Your cancelled check will be your receipt.

If you do not wish to renew your license, please indicate on the Continuation Application and return it, along with your license to this Department. If you have any questions, please contact this office by phone at (803) 737-6095, (803) 737-6193 or by email at